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The issue is that 90% of the stuff is pure garbage (or satire) from either side.

Hillary’s integrity issues are entirely different, from Mr. Trump’s, but they’re on their own merit profoundly repugnant to many of us exactly the same. While Hillary’s skeletons have until lately been under lock and key behind closed doors, Trump has played out each and every one of his personal melodramatic gaffes & predatory business dealings in the gleaming light of the public eye.

This really doesn’t paint the idyllic scene we hoped for, but it’s the result of our own decisions because whether we would like to admit it or notas a people we do ultimately control how it finishes.

If you didn’t want Trump or Hillary, the time for deciding that was during the primaries, so there’s really nobody to blame but ourselves for this lose-lose choice we have this year.

So what do we do for this selection? I can’t believe it’s come to this, however: ignore integrity… That’s right. There’s little to be had on either side, so if your most important quality in a leader is integrity, then you never made it out of the gate this year.

Who gives you the Supreme court choices you desire?
The list continues on and on, but the point is that this year, character has been thrown aside. So what are we left with? We are truly left with just one defining question: What will they do for or to the country if they win?

Lots of you hate one or both of these and are foaming at the mouth to point out their every flaw on each side, but it is pointless. To some degree which can be personally cathartic, but we all have an A vs. B choice to make this year if you don’t decide on another option and efficiently remove yourself from the process & permit the rest of us to select for you… Heck, as much as half the nation sits out nearly every election and doesn’t even bother to register, so what is a couple million more watching from the sideline snuggling with their preferred lost cause?

The choice is fairly clear when you look at the policies each candidate promotes. Regardless of which side you stand behind, this year ethics won’t be a factor because both of them are critically flawed people and make all people pray to God that the choice we make won’t go horribly wrong for us all in the end.

No matter what; one thing is almost always certain: You’re not going to change my mind and I am unable to change yours , but let’s at the very least be adult about it and keep the conversation civil. Stop throwing insults at each other simply because we pick one”Bad Choice” over the other. Let’s not be like our current candidates; let’s be civil with each other and respect each other’s choices in how we each exercise our collective right to vote our own conscience.

You may think I am an idiot and I may think some people are confused & betrayed, but our choice of politics does not make us good or evil, it just makes us Americans; doing the best we can with what we have.

I’ve seen family members disown each other over political views and that’s pure foolishness. When the dust settles, we’re all in this together and good or bad; we will all end up paying the same price for our collective decision in the end, whatever that might be.

You may ultimately do one of 3 things: hold your nose and chose A or B, or run from the decision and sit out and watch the rest of us choose for you. Do not kid yourself; choosing another candidate IS sitting it out.

Just remember: Every time we make a choice, the people of this nation have a chance and the hope we all share is that by coming together as a country to exercise that right, we could also help make this nation better and stronger for all of us, and our children as well.

God bless the Republicans; each one. .

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